LED Lighting

LED Design - An introduction

It used to be said (though was it ever the case?) that truly new ideas only come along once in a generation. Perhaps the lighting world has been given an exemption because this writer’s experience suggests that paradigm-breaking technology comes along once every twenty years or so.

The latest ‘best ever’ lighting technology has been, of course, the Light Emitting Diode (LED). When the LED first came to the attention of the architectural world it was as underwhelming as could be imagined; an expensive aluminium casting housing a tiny point of light that – yes – could just about be seen in daylight. The first LED installations that received any critical attention were in Paris in 1982, where LEC supplied waymarker lights to highlight the kerbs of roundabouts in the city. Not an auspicious start, it has to be said.

But here we are, thirty years along the track and LED is being hailed as the only light source for the foreseeable future.

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