The Challenges of Lighting for Schools and Colleges

It is important for school lighting to be comfortable, to promote productivity and to be adaptable. This can be achieved by utilising technologies that offer glare control, good distribution of light, and flexibility in its control. These factors will contribute to performance and aid student concentration.

Artificial lighting currently accounts for the highest proportion of all energy costs in schools, at around 29% - how can this be reduced? The use of automatic lighting controls can save as much as 40%.

At High Technology Lighting, we have helped design and install various lighting solutions in schools, where it's vital to focus on the purpose of the rooms and energy efficient lighting considerations.

Lighting controls also give teachers the flexibility to set the lighting level to match the tasks being performed. Getting the details right is important when aiming to focus student attention with light levels throughout the classroom not differing greatly from the light level at the work space as large as variations will cause distraction and fatigue.

If you have a large (or small) school that needs lighting then contact us today. We could be saving you money and reduce your carbon footprint year on year with our school lighting solutions.

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