Our Sustainability Strategy

Contrac Lighting is committed to developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for all areas of the company’s operation. We have always produced luminaires to a high level of performance efficacy and we have consistently met our obligations towards carbon reduction. 

Challenging climate change and the growing pressures on the supply of energy and natural resources will always require a dynamic response from the lighting design and manufacturing industry and we will continue to play our part in response to these demands. But, moving forward, We will also be expanding our sustainability behaviour by engaging with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR demands that the word ‘sustainability’ must embrace far more than the production of efficient light fittings. Future business success will lie in companies acknowledging the importance of more than the economic bottom-line. Economic profitability is one vital component in a new triple bottom-line scenario. The other two vital components examine the company’s social and environmental behaviour, at all levels of the company’s operation. 

Profitability is required for any business to succeed. A sustainable approach to profitability declares that short-term monetary aims are not always compatible with long-term financial success.

Social sustainable criteria look at the ways that we do our business; how we deal with employees, suppliers, customers and competitors alike.

Environmental activity has been understood in terms of product performance for many years, but sustainable practice also looks at the design of products, the use of materials and how the product is dealt with at the end of its life.

We will be publishing our CSR activity on the website so that our progress can be monitored by all interested parties, and we welcome comment and feedback on our performance.

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