Art Galleries & Museum Lighting

  • When designing for art galleries and museums, we find it’s a real team event, with curators, facility managers, lighting designers, local authority officials and even the occasional artist contributing to the process.
  • For many years, the light source option has nearly always been limited to the mature technology of tungsten lamps - PAR38, linear and single ended - because these offered the quality of excellent CRI (colour rendering index), ensuring the art of the great and good was represented in the truest of lights, using a wide selection of beam angles that could be easily dimmed.
  • Now, in the 21st century, Contrac Lighting is part of a quiet revolution, offering the first LED products that not only offer excellent CRI, but also a range of beam angles, control systems and dimming options, all with the advantages of energy saving, and almost maintenance-free ownership. At Contrac Lighting, even because, again and again, we strive to accomodate everyone's needs.


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