Commercial & Industrial Lighting

  • With the 40% increase in UK electricity prices since 2001, and all the indicators showing the cost trend is only going to rise, like so many market sectors, the commercial and industrial environments have seen the need to seek help, to review their energy usage.
  • We have a well established and experienced team that offer sound advice, site surveys and reviews, to help in the review process of the lighting energy consumption.
  • We take great pride in our ability to not only facilitate substantial energy cost reductions, by applying the most appropriate lighting technology, but also in the fact that each environment we light has been enhanced, making them better and more comfortable and, efficient places to work in.
  • One of the projects our company took on was Manchester Airport. We proposed an LED solution to a number of locations throughout Manchester International Airport. The Quartet LED downlight, powered by Xicato LED technology, was offered, and selected, to replace an obsolete installation of tungsten halogen fixtures.
  • We use a range of products on our industrial and commercial buildings. The High Bay Luminaire is one that we use in warehouses, and saves organisations money, whilst reducing their carbon footprint, year-on-year.


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