Leisure Lighting

  • Leisure lighting can encompass swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums, sports halls, squash courts, theatres, cinemas, clubs, arenas, indoor performance spaces, and larger scale outdoor venues. 
  • Lighting designers place careful consideration into lighting levels, based on the tasks undertaken by the participants, to set a mood for the activity, from a relaxing yoga session, to a high impact game of squash.
  • Lighting levels play an important role in both safety and ambience. We don't always look at our best in the gym environment, so the lighting must be appropriately set.
  • A high energy room used for aerobics, Zumba, spinning and high-intensity training, could feature three different lighting systems: overhead, stage-only, to draw attention to the group fitness instructor, and wall sconces, to provide either a bright or a muted and intimate setting.
  • For an activity such as yoga, you don't want lights shining down into the eyes, so you might consider a studio with a mirror floating above a natural stone front wall, with the lighting set behind the mirror. 
  • There are a number of specially designed systems for swimming pools, to give a luxury finish. 
  • Creating an expensive and luxurious feel to a spa setting can be dramatically enhanced by the use of coloured and colour-changing lighting.


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