Office Lighting

  • There are many elements that go into creating a good office environment, but, at its core, it should always be about addressing the needs of the human condition within the space.
  • Clients may want artificial grass on the floor, soft furnishing chill out areas, the best computer system and ergonomic chairs and tables, miles of glass, steel and concrete. Whatever the mix, all will need lighting, and this lighting needs careful consideration.
  • The importance of correct office lighting has long been recognized. Organisations such as the HSE, and The Society of Light and Lighting SLL, have all written guide lines, detailing criteria that need to be considered when designing for an office space.
  • The goal of these lighting guides is to help facilitate to the work force; a feeling of comfort and safety, with the right quality and type of lighting to undertake their tasks, making for a healthy trouble-free and productive space.
  • The variations in office space type and usage means that no one deign or luminaire type fits all, so we have developed a wide range of solutions, offering different lamp types, optical control, mounting arrangement and control gear technologies.
  • We are not against working with clients who want to push the boundaries of lighting conventions.


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