Retail Lighting

  • Creating unique and appropriate lighting for your store can be a challenge, to ensure you are showing your range to the best advantage.
  • The correct lighting can dramatically change the feel, pull customers over the threshold, and hugely increase foot-fall.
  • Whether you are a retailer of technology, who requires a light, bright and colourful display, to put across the simplicity and stripped-back minimalism of their slick technology, or clothing retailers, choosing mood lighting, texture and fragrance, to engage the senses to enhance the shopping experience; it is all about bringing shoppers into your store, and moving them towards a purchase.
  • There are many well-established lighting technologies that are appropriate for the retail sector, such as CDM or fluorescent luminaires, but advances in LED design and technology are making this a potential lighting solution not only for accent lighting, but also for ambient and effect. In 2009, Contrac Lighting was one of the first users of this technology in the UK bringing the very best light output, colour rendering and appearance on to the market through our Quartet range.
  • Whatever the design criteria or trend, we have been delivering lighting solutions since 1982 to all sectors of the retail market. The common denominator to our success is our ability to supply the most appropriate lighting technology, on time and within budget.


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