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Xicato® believes that the ability to create well-designed and sustainable space starts with an understanding of how people see and respond to light. Once we understand the nature of the desired light, we apply innovation and technology to design the right quality of light and then package it into modules that enable effective and efficient luminaires. Intelligent modules bring further installation savings via integration of electronics, including on-board drivers and sensors/self-protect systems for lifetime surety, all while enabling perfect dimming.

Our Light Xicato has designed three types of light. Our Standard Series provides accurate light and is our most efficient offering. Our Artist Series® provides perfect natural light just like halogen.

Our Vibrant Series® subtly heightens atmospheres and brightens whites. All have superior color consistency based on Xicato’s Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology.®

Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology

Wavelength variation is a result of the LED manufacturing process and when in use, LEDs turn 40% or more of the input energy into heat. Both wavelength variation and heat are the enemies of providing sustained, high-quality light from LEDs. Xicato has addressed both of these potential issues by developing Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology.® This innovative technology allows Xicato to take a most unique approach.

First, we “tune” the module in the manufacturing process to achieve Xicato’s exacting standards for initial color. Only Xicato commits that every module will be within a 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipse around its target color point.

Second, we provide a thermal cooling path to ensure that the LEDs and the phosphor stay cool throughout the entire life of the module. Heat degrades phosphor and results in poor uniformity and variable color shift. By keeping the phosphor cool, Xicato can ensure that color consistency is maintained over the life of the module.

Color Consistency

Xicato’s modules have an initial color point consistency of 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses. The specification is based on lighting designer requirements and is the most stringent in the industry. It means the end to inconsistent color performance and ensures the visual appeal of your space will be maintained to deliver maximum value. Xicato focuses on color consistency so that installations can stand the test of time. Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® enables us to individually tune and measure each module before it’s shipped, and keep the phosphor cool to minimize color degradation. Xicato is the first and only company to guarantee color consistency for five years.

Color Rendering

Xicato carefully controls LED and phosphor specifications to deliver modules with color rendering and efficacy combinations which are appropriate for the application. The CIE standard colors used for Ra (Rendering Average) appraisal are the pastels R1-R8. To gain a fuller picture of our modules’ color rendering performance, we also detail the CIE’s supplementary reference colors (R9-R15), which includes chlorophyll, skin tones and critically the deep red (R9) that, for example,  affects the appearance of wooden surfaces.

Artist Series

Our color scientists have engineered the Artist Series® to have a typical CRI of Ra 98, compared to one of 80+ with the Standard Series. The Artist Series® has also been optimized to get excellent results for the more saturated and skin color samples of the CRI reference set. For the deep red R9 reference sample, a value of over 90 has been achieved for the 2700K and 3000K Artist Series,® and the same R9 is over 85 for the 4000K Artist Series.® These numbers not only outperform other LED solutions, but also traditional lamp types like compact fluorescent and compact metal halide.

Vibrant Series

For most of us, the experience of viewing objects under halogen light is the primary reference, and from a color rendering perspective halogen light gets near perfect marks on a CRI scale of 100. It feels natural to us. Sometimes, however, this is not the desired effect in a lit space where more vivid and exciting visual experiences are sought. By increasing the gamut area of our Vibrant Series® modules, objects appear richer and with more depth.  Light from the Vibrant Series® is spectrally engineered to make colors appear richer and more vivid and to bring out textures and depth of materials like never before. This enables us to see colors, hues and tones, particularly for whites, blues, pinks and purples that are real, but simply aren’t visible under halogen light.

New Module Range

All of our modules utilize Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology,® resulting in industry-best sustained color and light output, as well as offer our unique 5 year color and lumen maintenance warranty.

LIGHT TYPES: Standard Series, Artist Series,® Vibrant Series®
EFFICACIES: typically over 100+ lm/W at operating conditions, except for the high CRI versions which are 80+ lm/W


XTM is our basic module range for accent and general lighting applications. Low cost, a Zhaga compatible form factor and flux packages up to 5000 lumen are characteristic of this range. It is available in versions with 19mm and 9mm light emitting surfaces – the latter for narrow beams from discrete sized reflectors.


Using the same core light source as our XTM, the XIM combines controls, communications, sensors and software. Bringing critical electronics together IN THE LED MODULE offers many advantages, including affordable, flicker-free dimming, increased lifetime surety via electrical and thermal feedback, installation savings via internal DC drivers and a contribution towards accurate building services evaluation via retrievable module performance and operational data. XIM will also start the industry on a journey to smart buildings, aware of their environment and reacting to it, ensuring maximum human comfort at minimum energy consumption.

  • 1-10V and DALI options
  • Superior deep dimming, down to 0.1% in DALI and 1% in 1-10V
  • Integrated DC driver electronics
  • Electrical and temperature protection
  • Data retrieval possibilities, instantaneous and cumulative (hours of usage, percentage output, energy consumption, case temperature, on/off cycles, protection modes)
  • 19mm and 9mm light emitting surfaces;
  • Future-proof platform for expanding capabilities


Xicato offers the lighting industry’s only five year color consistency and lumen maintenance warranty. Due to our Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology, for five years we guarantee that color consistency between products in a single contiguous visual space viewable from any location within that space that differs less than three points in u’v’. Additionally, for five years we guarantee that there will be zero failures and lumen depreciation no more than 30%.

Since 2008, Xicato has continually  recorded outstanding testing, analysis and field results that confirm our  expectations of Xicato modules. There’s no fine print and no extra cost, just the confidence that now you can see your space in the best possible light for the life of the module.

About Xicato

Xicato designs and develops light sources and electronics that enable architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces people love to live and work in. With thousands of installations around the globe, Xicato continues to be a leading supplier of high quality lighting solutions. Xicato is defining the future of intelligent light sources by integrating electronics, software and connectivity.

Founded in 2007, Xicato’s headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan, Europe and the US. For further information visit www.xicato.com.

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